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Packing a Hospital Bag

One of the most exciting things while waiting for your day D is packing your hospital bag. With my first son I had my bag ready as soon as I hit week 25 but with my second one I was more relaxed and had it done around week 35. I enjoyed buying every single item from the list as well as packing the bag. I bought travel bag on wheels (cabin size) in color I liked. I also had baby bag ready with four newborn sets, blanket and cream. Your hospital bag should have whatever works best for you and I hope my list will give you some ideas and be helpful in making your own.

So what do you need to pack?

  • If you did not discuss your birth plan with your doctor make sure you have few copies handy (I brought mine even I did)
  • Valid marriage certificate and civil ID’s for you and your husband is a must (pack all documents you think you may need such as insurance cards and forms, medical history etc.)
  • Clothes: As I had my both babies delivered in Royale Hayat Hospital I did not have nightgown for labor as they provide it there. I had three nightgowns with bathrobes and slippers for after delivery. Make sure that you pack set of comfortable loose fitting clothes for going home as you will probably look as 6 months pregnant on discharge (I did not know this first time lol) Bring few nursing bras and breast pads. I think most hospitals nowadays provide disposable maternity briefs (my advice is to use them as long as you have bleeding as they are so convenient) and maternity pads. (I did not pack these, they were provided) It is good idea to bring slippers or flip flops to use in shower and throw away later.
  • Toiletries: Also mostly provided by the hospital but I like to have my favorite brands of my shower gel, oil, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, face creams, face wash, tooth paste and tooth brush, deodorant, perfume, make up, hairbrush, hairclips and ties, don’t forget nipple cream if you are planning to breast feed
  • Your phone, IPod, IPad, camera and chargers as well as all favorite applications downloaded
  • Any snacks that you like and you know hospital will not provide (I had dates and Zamzam* water), vitamins and food supplements that you are taking or planning to take after delivery
  • Breast pump if you are planning to use it
  • Massage oil, scented candle
  • If you are religious or spiritual any item or text of your choice
  • Make sure that car seat will be placed in car before your ride home

If you are planning to have visitors you may want to have plan about catering if you want to serve something. Since we have been in Kuwait for over 7  years a lot of my guests were Kuwaitis and other Arabs so I wanted to offer Arabic coffee, dates and sweets. I taught my nanny ahead of time how to prepare coffee and my husband brought it to hospital. Being as prepared as possible will greatly reduce stress for you and your loved one and make experience enjoyable. Just pack your bags and have them ready to grab in the hallway.

Happy packing mommies to be!

* Zamzam water:

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