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Friday market -Haraj-

Last Friday I went to Friday market or locally called – Haraj. My original plan was to buy what I need quickly and run before the big crowd after the Friday prayer. It didn’t happen and I ended up looking around and taking photos. Most of people think it’s a second hand market where only crap could be found.  Actually, this is not true and while second hand section exists, there are also loads of new stuff that ranges from low to high quality.

What could be found there:

  • carpets
  • new and second hand furniture (no one can beat them in prices but quality varies)
  • aluminum kitchen cabinets
  • textile
  • mattress & pillows
  • blankets & buddings
  • bathroom appliances
  • variety of cheap Chinese made stuff from electric appliances to toys
  • tools
  • amazing new and second hand souvenirs and collectibles
  • second hand clothes and shoes
  • TV’s, DVD’s, receivers, satellites
  • car accessories
  • second hand sports equipment such as weights, trampolines, treadmills
  • mobile phones, accessories and routers
  • water filters and much more

You just can’t miss visiting this market at least once during your stay in Kuwait. They open Thursday evening and this is mostly a quiet time. If u want last hour deal  go there on Saturdays between 6 and 8 pm. just before they close. This is the time when they are packing up to go and you are  likely to get discount. In all cases ALWAYS negotiate the prices and don’t buy until you check what others offer. If you are buying something more expensive such as furniture make sure that you have receipt and to save location of the seller. Last moment deals on Saturday might not be the best idea in case you need to exchange your items.

If you need ATM you will find one in SAVECO  market or if you are at the back side of the market where they sell animals you will find KFH bank ATM cars on the street by the gates.

Snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

There are parking areas all around the market  but my favorite is the big one opposite to Lu-Lu hypermarket –  blue rectangle on the map.






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