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Kuwait car scrap

So I’ve been to car scrap and decided to write about it as  there’s really lack of info on this topic.
This place is a heaven for anyone looking for reasonably priced car spare parts.

I went there with couple of my friends and one of them got touch screen with GPS+ screen chassis for his Mitsubishi Galant 2011 for only 20 KWD -this screen is not widely available in market and dealer sells it for over hundred KWD… golden deal, right?  The other friend found genuine Xenon head lights manufactured in Germany for his VW Passat 2009 for only 70 KWD only.

The place organization reflects car market in Kuwait; one side for American cars, other side for Japanese and Korean cars and few places for German cars etc.

What can be found there

1-used car spare parts
2-new but not genuine car spare parts
3-some new not Chinese made car spare parts such as Korean, Japanese and German

Kinds of spare parts that you can find

Almost all parts are  available there.
1-body parts such as engine hood, bumper, door…
2-mechanic parts such as engine, gear, pump…
3-electrical & electronic parts
4-accessories such as Xenon head lights, screens, rings…


1-go there early in the morning
2-check & compare the prices and  quality in different garages before buying
3-ask for discount and don’t accept the first price
4-ask for detailed receipt that specifies part name, model, color etc.
5-ask seller to specify the warranty period (sometimes available)
6-if you are buying a lot of spare parts delivery charges should be included in price
7-don’t pay full amount if your parts are to be dismantled and delivered to workshop that is working on your car, this should be done upon delivery and checking all the parts
8-pick up cars for deliveries are available there

This place is real heaven for people who still decide to fix their cars after major accidents and don’t want to be ripped off by dealers. If you are about to buy car but you’re not sure which model to choose maybe heading to scrap could help you to make a decision as you will get idea about spare parts prices.


Please note that the scrap location is  in desert so the entrance from highway will be bumpy and sandy as well as all roads in the place itself.

It took me around 70 minutes driving  from Salmiya to scrap. Please be very careful as u join road No.70 -Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah Rd- Salmi road- as it is camping area and lots of pick up trucks are crossing the road randomly!




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