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Baqala is one of the things in Kuwait  that one living here cannot imagine his/her  life without.

Baqala = grocery shop = mini grocery shop = mini market

The most geographically covered service available in Kuwait is baqala.
You will find them everywhere around you, you will see baqala between two baqalas. 🙂

What can you find in baqala? Well, almost anything but almost all are selling bread and pastries, snacks, milk products, water, soft drinks and juices, chocolates, ice-cream, newspapers, cigarettes, telecom cards, products for personal care and cleaning, canned food, cooking oil, some spices etc. Some baqalas are selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Its common here to have a baqala in your building or in one next to you that offers home delivery free of charge – it is also nice to tip delivery boy- They deliver only to the buildings around them so do not expect this from baqala on another street to do this.

Most baqalas are open 24 hours especially if near to main road.

Some baqalas have car delivery service, just stop your car and give a horn and they come to take your order- we do not like to do this especially when the weather is hot.

Products in baqalas are normally more expensive than in supermarkets but not really overpriced. It is real life savior at times!

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