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Filipino nanny OEC


If you have house helper from Philippines and she is going home for vacation you must know that she needs to show her Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at the airport in Manila before departure in order to be allowed to come back to Kuwait.
There are two ways to apply for OEC.

I heard from kabayan  (nick name for Filipinos) – that it takes forever to finish this especially during summer due to fact that large number of overseas workers is back home for vacation.

So, just to be on a safe side and to avoid any bad surprises I decided to finish our nanny’s OEC in the other way, from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. If you decide to do the same, please note the document is valid for 60 days only (meaning your helper needs to leave Philippines before expiry date).

Philippine Embassy-expatriates-in-kuwait

I went to embassy around 7:45 a.m. to avoid crowd. Please note that the person requesting OEC (in this case helper or nanny) needs to show up there with you. I got application for OEC and renewing contract for our nanny at the embassy entrance. Make sure that you have this filled along with copies of your civil ID card (3 copies), nanny’s passport copy (data page and residency page 2 copies), flight booking.

When you arrive early and have all the necessary paperwork ready it will save your day. It is easy to go out completely frustrated due to horrible crowd.

So, we went in around 8:00 a.m.  Employee checked our papers and gave us a number. There were only few people before us.

Then we went to the counter hall, there where may be 6 counters, we processed to counter 3 as I remember- it will be the 3rd one on your left hand after entering- they took renewing contract  from us and asked us to wait, we did not wait for long time before they call our number and we moved to the next counter where they took rest of the papers and asked us to proceed  to the last counter where I paid  12 KWD in cash. K net is not accepted. I was then given paying order and sent outside to UAE exchange vehicle service.


There I  paid something like  13 or 15 KWD in cash also. K net is not accepted either.  Finally, I returned to the same counter and took our nanny OEC. I was asked to come back later around 2 p.m. to pick the contract from counter 3 but as usual I prefer to go early morning.

So, make sure to:

– show up early and your domestic helper/nanny is with you

– have original Kuwaiti  civil ID  and  passport

– have 3 or 4 copies from all the above

– bring enough money in cash (25-30 KWD)

– bring flight booking copy

Please note:

– OEC validity is 60 days and it starts from the day of fee payment

-they accept applications until 12 p.m. only

In summer season you can find hundreds of people queuing from morning so go really EARLY. Parking place is a big issue there, there are limited parking slots in front of embassy on the main road but behind the embassy there is some more place


In case you need to make photocopy of any of your documents or withdraw money you can go to co-op market.

Update: Philippines embassy new location
Hateen area, block 2, street 217, house 42


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