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Natural milk

Do you know? not all long life pasteurized milk available in Kuwait market is made from fresh cow milk 100% and not milk powder. Be aware and check what you are buying!

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Packing a Hospital Bag

One of the most exciting things while waiting for your day D is packing your hospital bag. With my first son I had my bag ready as soon as I hit week 25 but with my second one I was more relaxed and had it done around week 35. I …

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baby essentials

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more cute than baby outfits except babies themselves. I know that you might be tempted to buy whole store for your newborn (especially if it is your first time around) but trust me that is a big no, no and most of the parents …

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Baqala is one of the things in Kuwait  that one living here cannot imagine his/her  life without. Baqala = grocery shop = mini grocery shop = mini market The most geographically covered service available in Kuwait is baqala. You will find them everywhere around you, you will see baqala between two baqalas. …

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Pregnant far from home

Pregnancy and extending the family for another member is the special joy in the life of every family. But pregnancy is the period of increased concerns: is everything going to be all right with the baby, what to eat , how to behave, whether you exercise, whether traveling … are …

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Welcome to Expatriates in Kuwait, place made by two expats for each and every one of you; place to share experiences that can help you get around Kuwait. New culture, language, traditions, new job, friends and neighbors. Can it be more complicated? Yes it can. 🙂 We’ve been through it …

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