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Kuwait car scrap

So I’ve been to car scrap and decided to write about it as  there’s really lack of info on this topic. This place is a heaven for anyone looking for reasonably priced car spare parts. I went there with couple of my friends and one of them got touch screen with GPS+ screen …

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Baqala is one of the things in Kuwait  that one living here cannot imagine his/her  life without. Baqala = grocery shop = mini grocery shop = mini market The most geographically covered service available in Kuwait is baqala. You will find them everywhere around you, you will see baqala between two baqalas. …

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Pregnant far from home

Pregnancy and extending the family for another member is the special joy in the life of every family. But pregnancy is the period of increased concerns: is everything going to be all right with the baby, what to eat , how to behave, whether you exercise, whether traveling … are …

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Kuwait bus route

There are  three public bus companies in Kuwait KPTC, Citybus and KGL from which first two are state-owned. They are as cheap as quarter dinar and reliable. Front seats are mostly reserved for women. In this post I will show you how to find  the best route to your destination using some online …

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Turkish coffee pot

    One of the things I’ve learned to enjoy recently is morning freshly prepared Turkish coffee. For the best result you should have freshly grinded coffee and prepare it in a special Turkish coffee pot called cezve/ibrik. I love every part of this process except holding this pot. OMG …

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